Why your church needs an online ministry and how to start one ?



Here are the top three reasons your church needs an online ministry:

  1.Over 3.8 Million people are online(Half population) –

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Over 3.8 million people are online and increasing rapidly, with this global platform you can bring your church worldwide, that doesn’t meant it’s reaching all those people easily. But we know that the world is a much smaller place because of the internet. Every church has been given the mission to “go into the entire world.” Wherever the people are, we should make the effort to make the presence of God felt. Because of the Digital Age, the Gospel can reach the farthest corners of the world.

  2. You can get your entire church involved in discipleship.

Most of the individuals at your church have a personal screen. Whether it’s their iPad, phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, nearly everyone has access to at least one device. Every time your church members open their laptops or turn on their phones, they have an opportunity to share Christ. Online ministry gives each church member an opportunity to get involved. Everyone might not be able to go on a foreign mission trip, volunteer at a shelter, or preach an evangelistic series, but everyone can share God’s love online. If a person can type and have contacts online, they can share the personal impact Christ has in their lives.

  3. People are turning to Google for answers

When was the last time you had a question and typed it into the Google search bar? From questions about how to get rid of a neck kink, to whether God is real, people turn to Google for answers. The answers don’t magically appear, however – someone must write the information and post it online. With an online ministry, your church can provide answers to certain issues people face. If your church’s online ministry focuses on drug addiction, challenges in marriage, or raising a child with a disability, when someone goes online searching for answers related to those topics, your ministry’s content could bring hope and healing. If people are googling, we should be there to answer when they ask.



1. 33% of parishioners first learned about their church online. (Source: The Church Online)
2. 64% of parishioners say their church’s website is important in facilitating participation and       attendance. (Source: The Church Online)
3. Almost half of U.S. adults (46%) have seen someone share their faith online. (Source: Pew  Research Center)
4. 20% of adults say they have shared their beliefs on social media. (Source: Pew Research Center)
5. Since using Livestream, Champions Centre Church now receives 70% of total donations online.
6. In 2016, 2,778 houses of worship across 59 countries used Livestream to broadcast 166,700 events online.


Here are six ways your church can launch an online ministry:

  • Launch a church website(For website contact us – +91 9826170730 email – info@revivewebtech.com)
  • Go to social media like Facebook, YouTube
  • Start live streaming for online engagement(Blog link coming soon)
  • Make sermons available online(By recording sermons and post over social media)
  • Engage with church visitors using unique text-messaging software

Of course, you can use these platforms in a variety of ways to reach different demographics. As your church seeks to fulfill God’s purpose, the Holy Spirit will lead and bring fruit from your digital evangelism efforts.

God has given us access to a powerful tool (the internet). By using it the right way and following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, your church can play its part in fulfilling the Great Commission. Our newsletters, blogs, and podcast provide information to help your church start an online ministry. If you have one going, using best practices can improve effectiveness.


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